Feren (feren) wrote,

Veteran's Day: Honoring those who have served and those serving now.

Of immediate thought is dad, who was a member of the 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam. I'm only now starting to unravel all the information, the stories, the history behind what he did there. It's astounding.

My uncles Ronny and Jimmy. My friend Garry's sons, G. and A.J. The countless others I do not know about in this neighborhood, in this state, in my homestate, beyond.

Every morning when I leave the house to head to work I look up at what you see in the picture above. I look upon the Star Spangled Banner, representing the United States of America, and I'm glad she flies above the roof line of the place I call home. She flies on a new flag pole, one that I installed with my father's help at the end of September this year. Beneath that, the stark black and white of the POW-MIA flag flies to honor those we have lost but never recovered, and those who are lost but wake up every morning hoping we will find them.

The men and women who serve in our armed forces every day, are what makes our country great. They deserve our thanks on this day, and many more.
Tags: 2009, veterans_day

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