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For some reason I just cannot get various scenes from that stupid movie out of my head. It was running on Sci-Fi sometime in the evening on Sunday, and oddly enough one of my coworkers brought it up today during our lunch break. Just when I thought I was free from the horrible curse of thinking about that movie, Randy goes and starts me on it again. Waugh!

This weekend was rather uneventful, although it had a great deal of potential to be completely the opposite. I was planning on getting the new server up and in production, and I was making some pretty good headway on it too until I ran into a major roadblock. Right when I'm ready to add on the finishing touches (an 18 gig external SCSI drive) on Friday night I find out that I was minus the cable necessary to attain that goal. How did I manage to lose the cable I'd had already? I don't know, but I'm venturing the Cable Gnomes stole it from me, who quite clearly raided my apartment in conjunction with the Underpants and Sock Gnomes. I spent the entire weekend scouring out the various Best Buys, CompUSAs and local little-guy computer stores in my area, trying to find this elusive cable, all with no joy. To say the least that put a serious cramp in my plans because without that added space there was no way for me to complete the system installation. So I was suddenly left with a lot of free time.

I ended up using most of this suddenly available time doing a little cleaning and organizing around the apartment, as well as watching over Ra and giving him some quality petting time. The cat seems to be enjoying that a great deal, although he has become somewhat wary of me this past week: I am, after all, the bad guy who has to administer the twice-daily antibiotics dosage. There's nothing like trying to shove an eyedropper full of amoxicillan suspension into an unwilling cat's mouth. Fortunately I was able to get some sage-like advice from former vet tech roho which has proven thus far to be pretty darn effective. Thanks go again to Tallears for teaching me that little trick, it's made my mornings and evenings a lot easier these past three days.

Since I was on call this weekend I ended up fielding the dreaded Disaster Recovery Simulation this Saturday. Fortunately it went fairly smoothly, I got the call to change the configuration on our home office and DR routers at about 2:45, the AS/400 folks here in the office ran their tests and then called me back to let me know everything went smoothly about an hour and a half later. It was sort of neat to hear that everything went well. I believe the AS/400 guy's exact words were that the whole then went "slicker than WD-40 on ice." The good thing was that I knew approximately when Ray would call me to do the switchover ("Sometime after 1pm, I guess,") so I was able to accept an invitation earlier in the morning by Roho to meet him at Mitsuwa for lunch goodness. As usual we took our food from Dragon Boat, one of the local oriental eateries that serve the food court for what is, to the best of my knowledge, a mall dedicated to Japanese foodstuffs, travel, and other consumer needs. Many of the signs there are strictly in kanji, others are subtitled with English to give us poor touristy-types an idea what it is we're looking at. The companies that host shops in that mall must pay a small fortune in tariffs every month for the amount of materials and products they import, but it is all very cool. While there Tallears and I managed to catch up on things since we hadn't really seen one another since the close of Midwest Fur Fest for the year -- we talked about the cat (naturally), our jobs, different stupidity we'd seen going on in our areas, the misery that is commuting on the roads with insane people, and relationship-related stuff as well. It seems that over the last year or so we've sort of become sounding boards for one another, each serving as a set of ears for the other to bounce ideas/concerns/venting off of. It's pretty nice, actually, because it gives me an outlet to talk about things I can't (or won't) with other folks, and I know that one of my best friends trusts me enough to do the same. That's an awesome feeling, you know?

Once we'd concluded our lunchtime festivities we headed out, pausing in the parking lot to exchange our respective parcels -- I had fourteen pints of Guinness that I didn't know what to do with, and Roho had a video tape containing the History Channel's special on the World Trade Center which was both profound and heartbreaking to watch. It was weird seeing all those people, smiling and laughing, talking so passionately about the history and complexity behind the WTC complex... and knowing that some of them didn't survive the terrorist attacks on September eleventh. What I found particularly moving was the way they handled introducing the various interviewees, telling a bit about them and what their roles were in the emergency efforts that immediately followed the plane crashes. The special wasn't a memorial to them, precisely, but more a chance to learn about the history of the WTC and what made it special. The closing remarks were especially powerful to me, and I'm glad that I was able to get Roho to tape it for me. Watching it left me a little depressed but also very ... awed at the sheer triumph that those towers represented. It was a good watch, and I recommend that everyone else see it at least once.

To go back a little bit, Ra is doing quite well. Fur has already started to grow back on the portions of him that were shaven for the exploratory surgery and the site of the IV needle. This doesn't really surprise me much because he'd have to grow fur fast, otherwise at the rate he sheds he'd be completely furless in the span of a week and a half. Already he's showing signs of being much happier, he's a great deal more affectionate to everyone again (he spends lots of time in my lap, Twan's lap, or hanging around Jen when she's visiting), he hasn't thrown up since I brought him home (keep your fingers crossed, boys and girls) and he's jumping a lot more. If he's jumping that means he's feeling a lot less sore and tender, so things must be healing well. I was concerned by this because of the complications that can arise from pancreas and liver biopsies -- fortunately my little terror seems to have escaped these bogeymen, and I'm thankful for that, oh yes.

*pauses to glance at his e-mail* All right, our network is being assaulted by the latest virus that's making its rounds, the one that has the subject "Hi!" and the message about "I saw this screen saver and thought of you." When will these people get a life? How many times does this have to happen in an office environment before people will learn NOT to click the jolly, candy-like attachment and unleash havoc upon their systems and our corporate Exchange server? It's truly amazing that we pay these people to work for us if they can't even master the simple understanding of "do not open attachments on badly-worded e-mails from people you don't know." Maybe I should etch that into a baseball bat, backwards, so it'll stand out in sharp relief on their foreheads after I hit them with the ClueStick?

Oh, and on a very brief note, aureth may also call me insane now. My girlfriend has taken the position of Art Show Director for next year's Midwest FurFest, and she has officially branded me Con Staff for '02. That makes me part of his sickness, I guess, so now I can't say as many bad things about being involved in staffing a con, because I'm partly to blame for causing the problems and partly expected to fix my share of them. I think fate and irony conspired together to arrange for this situation, just to make me squirm under the weight of my previous statements about wanting to stay as far away from Furry fandom as I can. While I guess this involvement does make me a hypocrite, I am qualifying it with "I'm doing this because my girlfriend and my best friend asked me to, and I'm staying out of the rest of it." With that in mind I will now add some whipped creme to my humble pie, baked out of fresh crow.

Additionally, I've just been slapped on the wrist by my supervisor. It seems Allen, the manager of doom, has taken issue with his "catching" me on the IRC while sitting at my desk and sent my supervisor a scolding e-mail about my bad work ethic. This will likely put a crimp on things for a while, as Allen's currently gunning for my head and I can't afford to give him any more ammunition than he already has... at least not until he's either gone or I leave, whichever may come first. Bleah.

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