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UPS Ground will be lit on fire, and then put out with wet chains - Paint It Black — LiveJournal
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
UPS Ground will be lit on fire, and then put out with wet chains
At least the faces of some drivers will.

The last two Juniper M10i routers were delivered to the new datacenter today. Sadly, only one of them is usable. The other had damage to the box that made me curious, and the two shock sensors had both been tripped. Opening the box revealed that the handles on the two included power supplies had been smashed and bent inward, and the filler plates had been popped out of the front. Which implies to me a back-to-front shock. But man, what the hell did they do to this thing, play forklift soccer with it?

Tripped shock sensor
Tripped shock sensor
This is not what you want to see on the outside of the box carrying your $20k chassis.

Bent power supply handles
Bent power supply handles
Bent handles on the two power supplies.

Popped faceplates
Popped faceplates
Four or five of the front filler plates on the M10i were popped out from the shock.

So it should go without saying that UPS Ground (the carrier that has their label on the box) is going to be taking a big ol' healthy bite of a $20k shit sandwich and reimbursing Juniper for the damaged unit they now have to replace. Meanwhile I will have to wait for another M10i to be shipped to me as an RMA... argh.

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doomsey From: doomsey Date: August 27th, 2009 09:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
it's just a flesh wound!
From: nyuni Date: August 27th, 2009 11:12 pm (UTC) (Link)
Dude. Forklift soccer is awesome amounts of fun. Don't knock it until you try it!
steelhelix From: steelhelix Date: August 28th, 2009 01:22 am (UTC) (Link)
And the more expensive the package, the more points you get!
From: neowolf2 Date: August 28th, 2009 05:29 am (UTC) (Link)
Sounds like Death Race 2000!

I had that happen to a PC once. FedEx delivered it in what was obviously not the original box. Something had shoved the back of the tower case in several inches. Fragments of motherboard could be heard rattling around inside.
rustitobuck From: rustitobuck Date: August 28th, 2009 06:12 am (UTC) (Link)

Insufficiently packed

You know, if you took the same item to UPS to be properly packed for shipment, there'd be six inches of styrofoam insulating board on every side.

UPS insisted on that once for a shipment of a Roland VS-880, which was in its own custom foam-padded road case. They wanted six inches of additional foam around the road case itself. The box ended up being the size of a small refrigerator.

Stuff seems to get dropped a lot when sent by UPS.
duckhunter From: duckhunter Date: August 28th, 2009 08:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
When I worked at UPS, one of my coworkers had a driver he absolutely hated. So, every time that driver had something with a tilt or shock sensor on it, he'd tilt it or punch it with the heel of his palm (hard enough to crack the shock tag, but not enough to do any major damage).

My personal record for Shipment Dropsies (That I've received, not done) - $150,000 APC UPS/Spotcooler combo that was a full 42U rack when it shipped, and was somewere around a 38U rack when we got it....
mindslide From: mindslide Date: September 10th, 2009 11:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
Similar has happened recently with me + some Dell servers. Pheh.
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