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Well, my weekend just got blown to small tiny bits. I've already mentioned sometime during this week (at least I think I have) that I am the lucky sot who is on call for network support from November 26th to December 3rd. What I did not know was that we're running a disaster recovery scenario sometime during the day tomorrow (Saturday) so I have to be available and must be ready to make a series of changes to our equipment to facilitate the testing.


So, there goes the plans I might have had for this weekend. But I'm okay with that, because I need to finish up the migration from the "old" Panther server to the "new" Panther server, thus giving my users a Big Ass Increase (tm) in speed. The other benefit is it'll have considerably more disk space and it'll be a true 64-bit OS, which has some minor features in and of itself. I'm actually sort of eager to tear into this project and get it finished, because the benefits for my "customers" is going to be pretty noticeable and it'll give me a chance to have a machine that actually can support my various other endeavors.

Well, it's time for lunch so I'm going to wrap this up. I'll come back and retouch this later tonight.

When I was seventeen, it was a very good year

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