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Paint It Black
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
We have arrived at CONvergence!
I forgot how much I love CONvergence - no other con I've ever been to holds a candle to this. Great programming, fantastic costumes, bitching parties - and its only the first night! Case in point: we were getting last minute supplies at the Shell station right next to the Sheraton. While lady_curmudgeon was inside the station store, I saw a con attendee in Doctor Horrible garb come out of the store. In the elevator was Doctor Evil, and we've also seen Pikachu and Spike (amongst many other things). So much awesome!

The weather is shaping up to be great for the weekend. Right now we're out on the patio of the neighboring Dairy Queen while Curmudgeon has a waffle cone twist. Its just the perfect end to the day.

This weekend I'll do some Toy Soldier costuming, hang out with the family on the farm, take pictures, hang with chebutykin and brianblackberry, hit the cabana parties and generally relax. It will be awesome!

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