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Short entry at the moment...

Got up this morning and was a bit surprised to find my sweetie next to me. Somehow I thought her arriving last night was, well, a dream. Most of last night seemed very surreal while I was moving through it, and in retrospect I guess I was just shut down emotionally. It still feels like it happened to somebody else....

I brought Ra home last night. I spent an hour at the vet's office talking to them, trying to understand the answers they were giving me, working to ensure I understood all the ramifications of the test results... and trying to make sure I didn't break down crying. I did any ways when they finally brought the little black terror out and set him on the counter in front of me. Just like the last time he was gone (when he tore open my window screen and jumped out so he could go on a three-week walkabout) I ended up crying like a baby when he was finally returned to me. I really love that cat. The results from the first set of biopsies are in, and thus far he's been diagnosed with a lifelong condition -- non-neoplastic feline inflammatory bowel disease. I have to control his diet and a few other factors if I want to keep him from going into a major relapse again, but the odds are 100% that he will within the next two years. So I guess I at least know what to expect and will now be able to prepare for the next time a little better. I was also warned that other conditions usually coexist with this, so I have to wait for the rest of the biopsy and pathology reports to come back before I have the full picture. As of now Ra is on a new diet (with a completely different brand of food) and antibiotics to help ensure he stays healthy and gets no infections from his surgery. He's definitely a sore and touchy kitty cat, he takes his time laying down and is careful of his left front paw because that's where the IV was. He looks so... sad and silly at the same time, because the which patch between his legs was completely shaved off for the surgery. I'll have to take pictures, he looks like a war veteran at this point.

On a completely different note, I'm about to do something that I'm not sure is The Brightest Thing, but I'm going to do it any ways. WTnet, the collection of systems that comprises the IRC network I've been hanging out on for the better part of a year now, is suffering some stability glitches this week. One of the major hubs seems to be harfing because of a localized network problem that the staff cannot resolve, and another hub is likely to be taken offline in a very short period of time. Since I feel that my connection to the net has proven to be solid, and since I wouldn't giving back a little to the folks who have introduced me to a new group of friends (and provided now countless hours of entertainment), I've decided to apply to the network. We'll see if they choose to accept me or not. If they do, well, I expect some of my free time to evaporate but I hope that I'll be able to lend a hand wherever it may be necessary.

Since it's almost 1 PM and I have a ton of meetings I need to scoot off to, I'll have to come back to this later.

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