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I love these tickets, really

Got a ticket in my helpdesk queue from 6/11 that I just got around to looking at today. The summary was chosen from a pull-down menu of available options, and is fairly succinct: Network - VPN Connectivity Problem. I think to myself, Okay, so it's some sort of problem. Let's see what their issue is! I open the detail description pane in Remedy and what do I see? Having a problem connecting through the VPN.

Really? That's all? That's it? No information about what you're doing, what the error code is, how I can recreate this problem?

Dear $EMPLOYER helpdesk: I hate how you allow users to "self service" and submit a ticket on their own, because there's no way this should have made it to the Engineering support tier with a description that uselessly vague and open.
Tags: 2009, gruntle, work

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