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Jazz: 0.5 Me: 1.5 - Paint It Black
Living the American dream one heartbreaking piece at a time
Jazz: 0.5 Me: 1.5
Tonight I got home late from work, and lady_curmudgeon is off at bowling league. I decided to try an experiment and see how things worked out: can I actually give Jazz her full regimen without the assistance of another person?

The answer is yes, yes I can.

Getting Jazz to take pills is not very easy... her head is small, so it's difficult to get the pill far enough back on her tongue to make it easy to swallow. This meant it took me about 5 tries to get this pill to go down (one time it was caught between her gums, another time it was caught in her fur on her throat, that sort of thing). Eventually I did win, however! So, given the number of tries, I give myself half a point and Jazz half a point.

After pills comes the thing that we've never been able to do with just one person - put in the IV needle and administer the subcutaneous fluids. I was surprised to find that I was able to get Jazz to stand still long enough for me to prep her and set the needle. From that point on it was merely a task of keeping her in place while I adjusted the line clamp to get the treatment running. We encountered some difficulties because I couldn't reassure her, hold her in place and hold the needle in such a way that the line ran as fast as I wanted... but really all that amounted to was that the treatment went a bit more slowly than I'd have liked.

Overall I will mark tonight a success! I'm reassured by this outcome because it means if worst case scenario should unfold I can, with a bit of frustration and effort, handle Jazz's medication by myself. I'll do my best to try and avoid that becoming a necessity, but it's nice to know I've got that option as a backup.

Sigh, why can't all the kids be as easy to medicate as ra_kitty?

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panzier From: panzier Date: April 16th, 2009 02:32 am (UTC) (Link)
Well, for pill giving you need to snag a 'pill gun' its not much more than a crude injector where the pill gets held in a small split rubber tube and a plunger pops it free. Usually $5 at a vets office or free if they like you. My first kitty would freak at pills, total full on fight. With the pill gun it was *rub rub rub* along kitty's back nice and firm and rough, good scriffling, turn that into a brief *scruff tug, maw opens in reflex thwack (pill)* keep scriffling and the cat would look a little confused, knowing that something just happened but not sure what.
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