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Sunday updates...

Well, the Xterms are stacked, the keyboards are tucked away, most of the cables are cleaned up from the spill on the floor that occurred when I was tearing around the apartment looking for power cords. I made an amusing discovery while cleaning, I located four Quantum 2100S SCSI drives, with the proper interfaces to run in my SPARCStation 5 and 4 machines. Four of them! Yay, I have spare disks to make boot drives out of again! I can definitely use this on my firewall, affectionately dubbed "bitbucket." It's way low on disk space. In fact, that reminds me, I need to go rotate out the logs....

Okay, that's done now. A few spare megs on a 1.08 gig drive can make the difference between sustained up time and crashing down to the ground.

Any ways, I've been cleaning in a not-cleaning sort of way. The cleaning has halted because I decided I want to get Enlightenment running on panther, the machine that I do Xchat from (I want a keen little window manager that isn't wmaker but isn't CDE either). I know that I shouldn't be tinkering with that since I have a whole new machine on order (a happy Ultra 2, capable of going dual-processor) to upgrade panther with, but I still have this overwhelming urge to tinker none the less. I need to get my hands on the latest release of the firewall software, too, while I'm at it... hmm, so many things to do....

As an odd little aside, I forgot to mention that last night I finally reached critical mass with the apartment and the situation and ended up taking off for about an hour. I grabbed some smokes on the way, as well as some soft-bake cookies, drove to a remote parking lot far away from the apartment, and called my parents on the cell phone. I talked to them for a good 45 minutes or so, which was sort of nice because I haven't chatted with them in ages. I got to find out how my father did during deer season, checked in on some issues I'd inquired about regarding my pickup, and just in general shot the breeze. I miss my family lots.

Oh well, back to the cleaning grind. Maybe I can make some more headway and find another three or four square feet of floor. :)

Tomorrow's to-do list: take the cat to the vet, stop at the shooting range to get a photo taken for my FOID application, and get a haircut.

She's just venom wearing denim, a nightmare, not a dream

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