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It's definitely fall...

One look out the window can confirm that... it's been overcast and drizzly (if not outright raining) for over two days now. The temperature has dropped to the mid-to-low 40s, so we won't be running around in short sleeved shirts anymore. It's been a weird year, weather-wise. The summer we were on the fine line between just being "dry" and having a drought, and then when it came to be fall we had rain come down like buckets. There were flood warnings cracking out constantly for over a week, and when I drove to work the creek I had to pass over was constantly threatening to spill over its banks. In some places along my drive it had already done so, which in all honesty was sort of neat to see.

Today I slept in, curled under my electric blanket and trying to be as lazy as I possibly could. The computers that are stored in my bedroom love cold, the dual-processor SPARCStation 10 is particularly nasty at generating heat. In the summer I have to pay a lot of money to run the air conditioner, which frustrates me because I don't like seeing $180 electric bills. They just SUCK for an apartment. For a house I can see paying that much, but not for a lousy little hole-in-the-wall apartment. In the winter I'm presented with a much better option, I can leave the window cracked and let the cold air in. I just have to compensate with an extra blanket or two on my bed, which is fine. Of course, jenwolf hates it because she gets cold rather easily when she sleeps, whereas I am the opposite and get warm rather easily (Hence the layering of the blankets, I can throw off or add as the night goes with minimum effort)... you can see where this is going without me having to lay it all out, I'm sure. ;)

Poor Ra is locked in the bathroom today with his water and his bowl of food. I feel bad for having to do this but it's the only way I can ensure he gets any nutrition and that it's easy to clean up when he sicks it back up. 23 hours to vet appointment and counting. I just have to remember to stop in there ever hour or so and give him a few minutes of attention. I'd hate to be locked in there if I was him, I know that much. :(

Today's plan is simple: First, stack the Xterminals. Before tucking them away for the year I need to yank the borked RAM chips out of "asdb2," which Poe and I affectionately renamed "Meatwad" during the con as an homage to its brokenness, and order replacement chips for it. I'd also like to go through and give the carpet a scrubbing, since I know Ra is safely secured and thus unable to soil it as soon as I finish up my cleaning. Third, I need to keep looking for a storage place that won't charge me to death... I need someplace to put my spare computer equipment and some odds and ends I just don't want to keep in the apartment anymore. I cannot wait until I buy a house, because then I will have SPACE for all my stuff and it will be easier to store things. Not to mention I'll be able to build a little computer room in the basement that I can keep all my SUN crap tucked away in.

Aside from those things today will be a slow, lazy day. I look forward to it.

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