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Okay, quick trip on the short bus...

What is it that compels people to give you absolutely unhelpful tech support when you post to a listserv or ask a question on the news groups? If they don't know the answer or have anything useful to contribute, they should just keep their yaps shut or say "Sorry, dude, I don't know why it's doing that to you." But no, I can't get that, oh no, I have to get "Oh, I have the newest version, and it works fine for me."

Well, thanks. That's particularly insightful and of absolutely no help to my situation whatsoever. I have the latest version and it doesn't work for me, otherwise I wouldn't have asked that question, now would I?

It's a minor miracle people like me who ask questions on forums like the Linux support lists don't go insane more often. I tell you what, if I answered questions like that at work I'd have an angry mob coming after me in no time.

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