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I got a DeviantART feature!

Up-front disclaimer: No, it was not a Daily Deviation.

I keep a pair of galleries for my work. One is at FA, the other is on dART. Most of you who read this journal are familiar with DeviantART because it's the system I use to post my work as "deviations" to my LiveJournal. I balance my work so that FA and dART pretty much mirror one another, so it's not as if one gallery gets sooper seekrit work while the other doesn't. I keep them both mirrored simply because they offer exposure to different types of audiences and I enjoy being able to share my efforts. Do I have a favorite? Not really. I like FA and dART pretty much equally, though dART is a bit superior as it seems to have less problems reading the EXIF data from my photos. And it doesn't limit the size of my images to 1280x1280. And it lets me post my work directly to my LJ, as you all well know. And dART has a working search function.... but I digress.

I haven't been doing much posting on either site for the last month because I've been busy with work and personal matters. Imagine my surprise when I signed into DeviantART the other day and found that a user (tainte-truffle) had put together a narrative complimented by a collection of photographs -- and that one of my photographs had been included! That's right, my "Missing Door" piece was featured in the "Abandoned Places" collection alongside some other fantastic works.

I'm incredibly honored and I don't mind saying that it really made my day.

Those interested can see the "Abandoned Places" collection at http://news.deviantart.com/article/64552/
Tags: 2008, i_win, life, photography

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