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That's about how I feel. A sigh, a sound of exhaustion and frustration, whatever it may be it feels like it's summing up my mood right about now perfectly.

Yesterday my girl and I took a drive up to Wisconsin to go partake in a post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving feast that one of her friends was hosting. This party was mostly populated by people I don't know, but I was okay with it because they were friends of Jen's (so they're going to be at least people I can deal with) and Jen was going to be there with me, so I had somebody to hide behind if worse came to worse. Yes, I am a big scaredy-cat. What can I say? Strangers and crowds (worse yet, crowds of strangers) really wig me out. This is why I don't go shopping in the Christmas season if I can at all help it.

Any ways, we got under way sort of late. One, I'd slept in because of my migraine. Two, I needed to stop over at Auto Zone and procure some fuel injection treatment for my poor pickup. With over 155,000 miles on it the poor engine is starting to feel its age a bit, protesting my standard abuse of it by bucking and coughing now and then. I followed the advice of my buddy from work, Randy, and picked up some Chevron Techron to add to my fuel. Two bottles of that, mixed with two tanks of super-premium fuel left my pickup feeling much happier and a lot more tolerant towards my aggressive driving techniques. This pleased me no end, because I do dearly enjoy that truck and I want to keep it for at least another four or five years.

The party itself was pretty interesting. Various artist friends of Jen's were there, as were some technogeeks who I was able to hang out with and talk shop. The meal itself was delicious, everybody brought a little something to contribute to the meal (except for me, because I am scum). The turkey was very good, I had a nice side of salad, some bread, stuffing (I'm not even a big fan of stuffing and I liked this), the usual cranberries-in-a-can and some other tasty treats. Somebody even brought a Chocolate French Silk Pie from Baker's Square. I love those things to death, but I was already close to bursting and had a small slice of apple pie. We stayed until maybe 11:30ish or so, and I was on the road by midnight, putting me at home by 1:30 in the morning. The truck ran great, the roads we empty, and I got all the warning I needed about any state troopers from my friends on the CB radio. There are advantages to owning one of those, and I really need to go in and retool mine so I get better reception....

This morning wasn't a very good morning to get up to, however. It's rainy, a bit windy, and Ra is now so terribly sick I wonder if he'll make it through the rest of the weekend. Everything the poor little bugger eats comes right back up in various stages of digestion. He's getting dehydrated and is losing nutrition. His appetite has dropped away to almost nil -- we fed him yesterday and he's only eat a small portion of it, which Twan and Lana inform me he sicked right back up again. This morning he again threw up what he'd eaten, right in front of me while I was trying to have breakfast. I got so alarmed at this I called the vet and pushed his appointment up to Monday, at 10:30 in the morning. The problem here is that means I'll have to come in late to work, and to do that I have to take time off. I'll borrow from roho and paraphrase his rather apt observation about that whole mess, "Wow, what flexible scheduling they have. They allow you to work late without recognizing that and comping you accordingly, but coming in late? Now that's strictly verboten." That's about the long and short of it, too.

Both of my roommates are evidencing a great deal of annoyance with the cat at this point, which I can sort of understand. But at the same time it's stupid, because it isn't the cat's fault that he's sick. Everything he eats these days comes right back up. I have no doubt at all in my mind that there's something very, very wrong here. I dunno about you, but I'm running under the assumption that Ra doesn't enjoy throwing up any more than you or I do. Yes, it makes a mess, yes he does it in absolutely the most inconvenient places, but it's not his fault and goddammit I'm working on getting him help. I clean up his messes, I don't expect them to do it for me by any means. Part of the reason I'm so bummed today is that until we find out why he's sicking up all the time, well, every time I clean up the rug he just goes and makes another mess. So the rug is in a real state of disarray right now, which only adds to the unpleasantness of the apartment since all the computer equipment is still sprawled all around the living room. Public Storage, here I come. Yay for renting a shed in some guy's parking lot. :p

I think I'll go back to bed. Getting up this morning was a mistake.

Now I tell you openly, you have my heart so don't hurt me for what I couldn't find

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