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Amana death

lady_curmudgeon just called me at work, in tears, because our kitchen fridge/freezer has apparently decided to stop fridge/freezing. While something of a surprise, this wasn't entirely unexpected to me; the compressor has been running non-stop for the last week or so. I suspect the compressor may have finally failed, but I don't know for certain and don't have the time to deal with troubleshooting or fixing it myself (though I would really rather do it myself). So a repair man will be stopping by tomorrow between 0900 and 1100 to provide an estimate and possibly repair it, assuming the price of the repair work isn't too outrageous when compared to buying a whole new unit.

In the mean time our food was getting thawed/not chilled and Curmudgeon didn't know what to do with the it. I suggested she grab our cooler and totes from the garage, put the food into those and take them outside to make use of the giant walk-in freezer that Nature has gifted us with since late November. I have no real doubt that the totes and cooler will keep local wildlife out of my food while the 15 degree temps outside will preserve it until we have a working unit again (one way or another I'll have a running fridge and freezer come late Saturday).
Tags: 2008, appliance_death, house

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