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To borrow from Tallears....

Something good: Having a full, real Thanksgiving dinner in my apartment. That was an exceptionally tasty feast, and I was honored that the people who cooked it (twanfox and Lana) let Jen and I partake, since we had originally had other plans for the day. Thanks, guys!

Something bad: Getting a migraine that could split the globe in half almost immediately after finishing the meal. I wound up going to bed at 9:10 last night, almost a new personal record for me. I felt really bad because Twan and Lana had both done a lot of work to cook that meal, and then I wasn't around to help clean it up. I mean, that's just plain lousy. I hope they understand that I do appreciate everything they did, and I'll take the trash out today to at least contribute to the clean-up efforts to some degree.

Okay, so that covers what I've shamelessly lifted from roho. Today's plan is fairly simple, pack up some things and head North to Wisconsin for a belated Thanksgiving dinner with some friends of jenwolf. I am not quite sure what to make of this since I'll be surrounded by people I don't really know, but since my sweetie is going to be there I figure I might as well be there too. The good news is that we'll be up in Milwaukee early enough that we'll be able to go take a walk around their Zoo, and be able to see all the wonderful animals that won't be in hiding because of the horrendous heat. That's the only reason I don't go to the zoos during the summer... not because I'm concerned about the heat (I used to bale hay in horrendous temps back home, and I can find water pretty much anywhere in the place for a few dollars a bottle), but because the animals aren't "out and about"... they're in their dens, playing it cool. What's the fun in going if you can't SEE any of the animals there?

I've got a 2-like rant percolating around in my head, but I'm not sure how to write it yet, or even where I really want to go with it. I'd been sort of mulling the idea for a few days already because of the way individuals are acting about work, and the way those actions are negatively influencing myself and my ability to work productively. The reason this has been pushed to the front is because this weekend an individual whom I've never quite gotten along with was really pushing her luck, and frankly I saw what she was doing as an attack on one of my friends. Even if she didn't realize she was doing it, it still pissed me off a great deal. I was glad that other folks were there to help keep an eye out for this sort of behavior, because it snuck under my radar a few times and they caught it for me.

Here is where I abruptly switch gears and go back to the Thanksgiving thing... I just want to take a moment to say what I'm thankful for. Yes, it's sappy, but I'm also the kind of person who doesn't often say these things... and they need to be said once in a while. What am I thankful for? In no particular order, I am thankful for: my job, which keeps me well-funded so I can live my life MY way and rarely be left wanting for anything... even if I don't like it some times, I know where I would be without it. My friends, most especially the two guys who help make the Illinois Pack what it is. Without Aureth and Roho I'd be a much more lonely, much less enriched person. My girlfriend, who is there for me to lean on and always willing to forgive me my stupidities. My cat, who may harf a lot and knock things over... but never judges me and is always quick to purr. My parents, who loved and cared for me for 17 years, and never let me want for a single thing. Without their guidance I'd be lost, without their support in my endeavors I wouldn't be where I am today. I'm thankful for the ability to stay in touch with friends who are absent or far away. I'm thankful for the freedom I'm given by living in this country. I can speak out against it, I can say freely that there are things I don't like about it, and I can work to change it. That's a pretty damn powerful thing, when you think about it. I'm thankful for two legs, two eyes, two arms and the ability to walk and talk. I'm thankful for a lot more, too, but I won't bore you with it here, gentle reader. Suffice it to say that I recognize my blessings, even if I don't always write about them here.

Maybe I should do so more often.

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