Feren (feren) wrote,

It's Photo Phriday, so it's time for another Devious Journal Entry

Ruined Electrical Service
by *panfah on deviantART

Another night of digging through the archives to find something that fit my mood, and I happened to stumble upon a group of pictures I shot at an abandoned and ruined farm in Bolingbrook, IL. These are way back in the year 2005, a long time before I got my beloved 40D!

This wonderful abandoned farm and its many buildings were torn down shortly after and, much to my relief, NOT made into office buildings or condominiums. Instead, the local nursery and landscaping company has made it part of their tree farm.

Here we see the electrical service to one of the larger (though more dilapidated) barns.
Tags: 2005, 2008, farm, photography, ruin

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