Feren (feren) wrote,

So we meet again...

With the help of my trusty Eagle Consus ET-CSWESU2-BK SATA+USB enclosure and a new Seagate Barracuda 1TB drive in it, I will once again embark on a mission of daring-do.

This time I am involved in Operation: Save Curmudgeon's Laptop Data. On Thursday night her laptop (at the ripe old age of four months) abruptly turned itself off... and won't turn back on again. We took it back to the place of purchase and had a tech look at it, because I sure couldn't tell what was wrong. The tech reseated the battery, tried using a "universal" laptop power supply and was likewise stumped. The chassis indicates it's getting power from the supply, but when you press the button... nothing happens. Luckily enough Curmudgeon has an extended warranty on the laptop. On the downside, they want us to ship the unit back to them for repair. So I'm going to pull the disk drive out, attach it to a little 3 in 1 drive adapter kit and take an image using that most awesome software package, Acronis True Image. So on one hand, I'm glad she has the warranty. On the other hand, I wish that warranty included them just pulling the hard drive from the original laptop and slapping it in a new chassis, rather than me having to back it up and reimage it.

After all this merry tech support work is done we'll be heading across town to celebrate the 40th birthday of one of the folks Curmudgeon bowls on league with, who also happens to be a loose acquaintance of ours.

With luck tomorrow we'll be pestering other friends about belated birthdays!

[Edit at 1719: Hah-ha! Hard drive removed from laptop successfully, but connector type (which is indeed SATA, but is some weird bastardized mutant laptop version of it) won't connect to my SATA-USB adapter. Going to have to go over to Tiger Direct and see if they have one that will support this vicious assault on my sanity.]

[Edit at 1723: God bless twanfox and his past laptop-fixing experience for telling me this drive really does have a normal SATA connector and that this bastardized connector type is just part of some weird freaky adapter to make the drive snap into the bay on the laptop chassis. A bit of experimental tugging, the adapter is off and the drive has revealed its soft, secret SATA port to me.]
Tags: drive_recovery, laptop

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