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Thanks to the coolest little firewall appliance on the market, SixXS, frostyw, nius, the help of several websites and tutorials in addition to a lot of patience... I now have IPv6 service on my wired and wireless networks at the house via an IPv6 tunnel. I had to force an IPv6 address onto my laptop and manually set the default gateway to point to the IPv6 address on the SSG-5's wireless interface, but once I did I was able to see IPv6 websites. I'm also pleased that my SSG-5 is reporting IPv6 packets flowing through it (I have the firewall's policies set to log pretty much everything IPv6). I really did enjoy visiting http://www.WhatIsMyIPv6.net/ and seeing my new, much-more-complex address come up on the page as confirmation.

So now my house is 2001:4978:1a0::/48 on the IPv6 Internet and I'm posting from my wireless workstation with IP 2001:4978:1a0:0:204:4bff:fe04:18f4. Best of all, it is entirely without NAT! Speaking as a user and as a network engineer I absolutely hate NAT.

Now I just need to figure out how to make stateless autoconfiguration or DHCPv6 work so I don't have to keep executing obscure Windows CLI commands....

[Edit @2013:] Or, if WhatIsMyIPv6 is giving you trouble, you can try http://www.runningipv6.net/what-is-my-ipv6-address.php
Tags: 2008, geek, ipv6, windows, work

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