Feren (feren) wrote,

Cleveland day 2

Yesterday was 12.5 hours in the new datacenter, today was 13.3 hours. On the plus side we got BGP running, networks routing, the VPN established and the IP phones working - all courtesy of a box that's classified by Juniper (the manufacturer) as a "SOHO" class device. My appreciation of their gear continues to grow.

We have had Steak 'n' Shake for dinner two nights in a row with no signs of that changing. Why? Well, its a 24-hour restaurant, so it's about the only place open when we finally call it quits for the night.

I forgot to write about our dining experience on Sunday - truly the stuff of "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares." I will try to write it up later this week, but for now I am planning to go get some sleep in preparation for tomorrow's (today's) next round of festivities.
Tags: 2008, cleveland, work

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