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Good news, bad news...

The good news is I have found a vet to take Ra to. The poor little punk cat has been harfing up a storm the last few weeks and not only are the roommates tired of it (much as I am), I'm sure it's leaving the cat feeling pretty unhappy, too. I know I would be a wreck emotionally and physically if I was throwing up for no apparent reason every time somebody looked sideways at me or sneezed. I hope that it's just a hair ball problem that can be fixed with some drops (or a new line of food) and a better grooming brush (his current one doesn't seem to collect much hair, even though he sheds like mad). If it's something worse, like a thyroid problem, I'm in for a whole new world of trouble because I've never had to medicate a cat before. I don't think it would be an easy task, given how squirmy the little putz can be whenever I decide to hold him and he decides he doesn't want to be held.

The bad news in all this is that the earliest I can possibly get him in to the vet for an exam is the middle or end of next week. They're very busy with Thanksgiving and a flood of other appointments. I guess this is a busy season, although I really cannot fathom why.

I forgot to post this last night, so I'll post it right now: my mind is a disturbing place. Last night somebody on IRC mentioned the phrase "song box" in general conversation, and I had a horrible, horrible vision flash through my mind. I promptly declared I had to go take a scalding hot mental shower and then was mocked (and quite rightly so) for my gutter thoughts. What was this horrific vision? Well, take that phrase, apply some vulgar slang to one of the words, and mix in a liberal dose of that Levi's commercial with the singing belly buttons. Once you've done the math I'm sure you'll understand why I wanted to boil my brain in bleach.

Oh well, back to working in a not-working sort of way. Lunch is in half an hour, yay!

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