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You've probably heard about it...

Disclaimer: Normally I'm not prone to posting what everyone else has already been talking about. But I'm making an exception this once because, well, I like things that fly in the face of conventional Hollywood and this really is Just That Good.

So these last few days the Ell Jay has been alive with commentary about Joss Whedon's latest endeavor. I thought Firefly was great and the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie was funny and irreverent, so I guess that I can say I like the man's work but wouldn't put myself in the category of "huge fan." I also have to admit that up until last night I had mostly resisted all the posts commanding that I Go look! Now! because I figured it was yet another case of overblown propaganda and somewhat fawning appreciation (Joss tends to inspire rabidness in his fans).

I was wrong. It's not overblown at all, this is fantastic stuff. And so I give you:

The blog expires and goes away at midnight (I dunno what time zone) tonight, Sunday the 20th. As for me? Well, I went ahead and bought all three acts for $3.99 on iTunes to support the effort. If you enjoy what you see, then I highly recommend that you do so as well. Products like this deserve recognition and income.

PS: Yes, that's Neil Patrick Harris in the title role.
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