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T minus one day and counting...

It's 12:22 AM on Thursday, November 15th. In a little over thirty-six hours I will be expected to have a fully-functional art show software system back in place after a year of downtime on the shelf.

Much like last year, it is complete disarray in the final hours. I am currently watching mySQL, the DB engine for the system, compile on its new server. I wouldn't have to do this if I just reused the server from last year, but I don't want to do that... the old server was a big tower machine, with loose parts and PC hardware. The new server is a nice small SPARCstation 5 in pizza box format, with no loose parts and only ONE port for the keyboard to plug into. This should drastically reduce downtime as compared to last year.

But I've been watching mySQL compile for the last five fucking hours. The irony here is if I had taken the time to download the latest version, I wouldn't have had to restart the compile four times, because the newer versions are intelligent enough to workaround the issues I've had to correct by hand by themselves with no intervention.

The good news is that aside from moving over the data from the art show's current location to the server, and setting up one last xterminal on the system... pretty much everything is done. I have one xterminal running off it, doing proof-of-concept (and doing so quite nicely at that). The second one will be just a matter of duplicating the first, altering three files, and booting it up. So, unlike last year, there will be no "staying up until six hours before delivery, trying to get the server to build."

The one thing that I have to say, though, is that I work very well under stress and strong deadlines. I get a lot done in a crunch period, and it's usually pretty good stuff. If you need proof, well, just look at the software I wrote. I won't tell you how long it languished before I punched the remaining necessary modules out, a week before the delivery date. :)

This weekend will be nice, since I'll get to see folks I haven't seen in a year (such as Poe), as well as out-of-state folks whom I don't often see otherwise (Tigerwolf, etc). Plus I get to spend time with Jen, which is always a good thing. She seems to be looking forward to this con, and I'm happy to see her enthused about something and actively anticipating it.

Well, mySQL is still compiling. I'm going to declare it a night, pray that there's no more need for user intervention, and get some sleep. Tomorrow at work promises to be an interesting day.

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