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One of us. One of us. One of us. Wheeeeee!

Or maybe I should say Wii! After my coworker Marlok announced that he picked up a Wii at his Costco today I sort of snapped and went hunting for a Wii of my own. GameStop, Best Buy, Circuit City, WalMart... everybody was out and I wasn't a bit surprised. lady_curmudgeon had begun to despair, saying on at least one occasion "We're never going to get a Wii." But on a whim I stopped at the Sam's Club across from my old place of work on I-355 and Lake Street and was surprised to find they had not just one but two of the Wii Sports bundles in stock. I bought the first one and the couple behind us, upon hearing there was one Wii left, snapped up the remaining unit.

After slinking out with our new toy, we made a stop at Meijer and picked up an extra Wii remote as well as a couple additional games such as Okami and Boom Blox & Okami.

So now I have one of these highly sought-after boxes, and so does a coworker. I know that at least a few of my friends have them as well.

So how about you Wii folks sound off? Tell me everything! Tell me what I should know about friend codes, what games I should go to get, etc.

[Edit @2248]: The Z'ha'dum Wii number is 8677 5434 8271 1893
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