Feren (feren) wrote,

Blatant abuse of technology

This week we bought a new fire pit from Menards. Tonight I am posting via my MacBook from the back porch -- all hail the glory of 802.11g wireless technology -- and there is a lady_curmudgeon sitting next to me, who is also using the wireless with her new laptop. And in front of us? Well, in front of us a warm fire is crackling and popping as the last of the logs burn out. We've had an enjoyable hour or so sitting outside with flames dancing in the pit. The cats have been absolutely fascinated, with Ra staring from a perch on the back of the chair while Jazz sat below him and alternated between birdmouth and patting at the screen. Amusingly enough we were not the only ones in the neighborhood with a fire going in the back yard, the folks two houses to the South of us also had a pretty decent fire going.

This was just the sort of relaxation I needed at the end of this week. Best purchase ever? Probably not, but it's easily in my top ten.
Tags: 2008, weekend

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