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Sushi bar... in my own back yard!

Tonight after work I went shopping with lady_curmudgeon to pick up a new pair of slacks and some other miscellaneous items. We were both hungry but couldn't decide what to eat. Eventually we decided to get Chinese food and began debating where to eat at. Curmudgeon mentioned that our favorite Chinese Carry-out restaurant, Bok Choy Cafe, now had a dining room. So we stopped in.

To my absolute delight I found that not only did they have a dining room, but they served sushi with an actual sushi bar as well. So while Curmudgeon ordered Seasame Chicken, I ordered their "Sushi Dinner B" plate. Eight pieces of sushi (chef's choice) and a California roll. So while Curmudgeon made faces at me for eating raw fish, I was was heaven.

Bok Choy was my favorite carry-out place before. This just cinches its place as my favorite local eatery.

OMG after all these years, sushi less than six miles from my house!!!!
Tags: 2008, bok_choy, i_win, restaurants

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