Feren (feren) wrote,

Sunday wrap-up

After a tasty meal of BD's Mongolian (with Mud Pie for dessert, mmmm) lady_curmudgeon and I took in the 9:45PM showing of Iron Man with cajones and chebutykin. The beauty of a 9:45PM show on a Sunday night at this time of year is that school hasn't finished yet so the theater had a minimum number of people (read: rude, stupid teens and kids). Having most of the theater to yourself makes for a vastly more enjoyable experience, I must say.

For Cheb it was the second time seeing the movie and for Cajones the third time. They didn't seem to mind in the least, I think they enjoyed the movie as much as they enjoyed watching Curmudgeon and I react to it. All I can do is ask myself why I waited this long to go see it!?

And now that it's 12:21 in the morning and I'm back home, I can sit down at my desk and go back to dealing with work stuff. Hopefully I'll be in bed before 1:00 AM.
Tags: movies, social_life, weekend

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