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Devious Journal Entry - Maine Sunset

Maine Sunset
by *panfah on deviantART

This was taken from the porch of roho's parents' house, the evening he got married to enveri. This was taken right after a storm blew through and rained out the reception.

Commentary on the picture:
Another photograph from the depths of my archives, circa September 2006 -- a year or so before I bought my beloved dSLR. This was taken using my girlfriend's (lady_curmudgeon) point-and-shoot camera, a Canon PowerShot A300. The camera only has 3.2 megapixels, yet this sunset view of the bay is probably one of my favorite pictures of all time.

I use this picture to humbly remind myself that it's not the megapixels that count, it's how you use them.

Make: Canon
Model: Canon PowerShot A300
Shutter Speed: 1/8 second
F Number: F/3.6
Focal Length: 5 mm
Date Picture Taken: Sep 9, 2006, 5:54:06 AM [THE TIME IS A LIE]
Tags: 2006, maine, photography

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