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Talk about fads. I was skimming the web today, just sort of seeing what's new and upbeat... or downbeat, as the cases tend to be for me. I was rather amused when, by random link-surfing over at plastic.com I found myself at the OK Soda Page, a site dedicated in loving memory to a long-past soda trend named "OK." It was put together by Coca-Cola and aimed at some generation or another, 'round about 1994. Do you remember OK soda? Do you remember dialing 1-800-I-FEEL-OK just to listen to the cynical comments left by others?

Well, I wasn't much into the whole scene, but I did drink it now and then when it was available. Seeing those slogans and ad graphics brought back a wave of nostalgia like nothing I've experienced in years... I think the last time I felt this much of a yearning for my past was when I drove by my old workplace a few years ago and saw how it'd been renamed, remodeled and now seemed nothing like the place where I learned how to interact with the public without losing my mind.

Okay, since we're riding with Sherman and Mr. Peabody in the "Way-back Machine," let's see what other fads I remember... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is one that springs to mind. The cartoon and the (seemingly endless) string of movies are very vivid in my memory. I remember actually seeing the comics after seeing the animated series and having a hard time making them both fit together in my head. G. I. Joe and He-Man from when I was very little. Crystal Pepsi was right around the time I was 14 or so... I remember drinking it a lot and going to my first part-time job, working for a company that resold D.E.C. (may this lumbering giant rest in peace) computer equipment. I was on a youth bowling team when Coca-Col introduction of Cherry Coke - the design on that can must have changed six or seven times in the first year alone... that was in the mid eighties, if I remember right. I very clearly recall when Zima first hit the scene, because of the weird dude in the white leisure suit in the commercials. "What'z your zign?" "Ztop." Hmm... what else? Swatches were big... so was New Kids on the Block. Taco Bell was making a break on the scene, and Zubaz and parachute pants were big thanks to M.C. Hammer. Knight Rider was big on TV, MST3k was breaking into the scene, and ALF was around to drive Max Wright's character up a wall. Soda came in glass bottles that my dad bought for me on his trips to the liquor store... and sometime, I don't recall when, Pee Wee Herman was caught spanking the monkey at the porn theater.

Man, a lot of weird stuff has gone on in my life, and I'm not even that old.

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