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The things I did today

I woke up this morning from a dream about work. How awesome is that? Even after a long day of hanging out with friends like colliedoc I can't have a peaceful night of slumber without work rearing its ugly head. The dream, for those who are interested, was a two-for-one deal. The first half was a problem of getting diverse fiber routed inside a building without the strands taking similar paths... I even managed to include concrete coring work! The second half of the dream was about making sure VPN access was configured to poorly-named drive shares for a financial planning package as FY 09 approaches.

I don't like that work is invading my dreams.

Once I pulled myself out of bed I went out to deal with the truck. I spent the bulk of Wednesday morning working on the intake system and since then the truck has run better. Not great and certainly not right, but better. As the temperature outside was was well over 45F I wanted to do more work on it today and see if I could fix the stumble that the engine experiences on mild acceleration at ~1,500 RPM. Alas, there were no new error codes thrown by the computer and my visual examination of a suspect area on the exhaust system (errors on Wednesday referenced problems with the O2 sensors) turned up nothing of value. So for the hours of 10AM to 1PM, instead of engine work, I focused on fixing the damage the Expedition suffered back in April of 2007. The busted fog light enclosure has been replaced, as has the turn signal enclosure that went missing after I kissed that "sawhorse." While I had things apart I also replaced the headlight that burned out during the impact. What a chore that was! If I have time later this week I will be sure to send a love letter to Ford about how ridiculous it is that I had to pull out the cowl, air filter housing and the coolant overflow tank in order to get access to the bulb. Regardless, all the bulbs and enclosures that were missing or damaged have been replaced. Given that I had already taken such a large portion of the engine compartment apart for the other work I decided it wouldn't be unreasonable to replace the grill as well. Sadly for me, as I began working the screws that hold the grill in place, I encountered a number of ones that would spin but wouldn't actually back out from their retaining clips. The sky that had been clear and sunny before was growing overcast and the temperature was dropping, so I opted to leave that as a project for another weekend in the spring.

I have a truck that is once again fully street-legal! I can't tell you how nice it is to have a working left turn signal and both headlights back -- I have especially missed having a full set of headlights. I would be remiss if I did not give credit to the fine folks at CertiFit as they had all the parts I needed at incredibly low prices. Thanks to them the bulk of this repair work has cost me far, far less than I was expecting it to.
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