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Valentines 2008 Surprise

Valentines 2008 - Flowers
Valentines 2008 - Flowers
I had been planning this for a little while and I think it all came together quite nicely. Here are the flowers I gave to lady_curmudgeon for St. Valentine's Day 2008. Though they came home last night I waited until this morning to set them upon her office desk for her to find. I got a text message on my cell phone around 10:42 this morning that said nothing but "Wow!" And that's how I knew she had found what I had carefully set up this morning on my way out the door to work. Flowers, chocolate, a mug and a purple plush monkey (that I have affectionately dubbed 'Love Monkey') were situated around the desk to either side of the arrangement. When I got home this evening I couldn't help myself, I simply had to break out the camera and experiment with different ways of photographing this. I'm actually quite pleased at how well my impromptu backdrop worked out.

Tags: i_win, photography, valentines, valentines_2008

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