Feren (feren) wrote,

Well, fantastic.

I got my blood pressure checked at the little automated kiosk thing while we were shopping at Meijer last night. The machine came back with results that were not terribly surprising to me: with a resting heart rate of 79 my blood pressure was 143 over 86. So my systolic (the first number) tells me what I already knew, I'm Stage 1 hypertensive (and my diastolic is getting close to crossing from "pre-hypertensive" into Stage 1 as well).


The theory is that you're only truly hypertensive if you consistently come in with elevated numbers. I don't have any current measurements besides that one to compare with so this is all supposedly just theory. But let's face it, this was taken at 12:10 in the morning and I'd had the entire week off for vacation. My blood pressure isn't going to get any lower then when I'm away from the office. Speaking of the office, I'm back in the office today and tomorrow. After that I have the rest of the year off for vacation. Let's hear it for "use it or lose it" vacation policies!

Signs goin' up
Tags: broken_parts, health

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