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My frist official "Devious Journal Entry"

Network Unreachable
by ~panfah on deviantART

So yeah... this is my first time using deviantArt's "Blog This Deviation" feature. Please let me know if this photography is good, bad or indifferent -- and why you think so. As always, comments on the photograph are welcomed! Hell, I beg you to give me feedback on this. And I'm not a man who begs.

To put it another way, the only way I will improve is with your comments and practice. I'm working on the practice part (I've got over 4,854 frames shot so far since the camera fell into my hands) but only you can help me tell what sucks and what doesn't and how I might improve my style. So yeah, write me some comments, willya?
Tags: network, photography, ruin

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