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Who wants greasy burgers?

Kenosha Institution
Kenosha Institution
Taken at night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this is the sign for a drive-in burger stand named "The Spot." After repeated meals there I can say with great certainty they serve the best greasy burgers (and root beer) I've had in the Midwest. I'm told by my local expert that this sign has been there since they opened in the 1950s. Being on the corner of an intersection with a sign this bright and food this good (served until the wee hours of the morning regardless of what the weather is like) means you attract drunk drivers. Drunks tend to crash into things. I'm told that this sign has been knocked down numerous times, but they just get it fixed and put back up. That's persistence. I love the way this neon, alone in the night sky, makes you feel like you've traveled back in time.

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