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My own personal walking lyric wiki.

ottr, frankly, amazes me. I gave him one vague half of a lyric snippet (an incorrectly quoted vague half of a lyric snippet, no less) and whined that it was in my head begging me to buy it -- if I could just find out who sang it. I was further aggravated because Google had failed me thanks to my faulty memory and inability to remember more than the concept of "something about waking up from history. Or something." Because, you know, lyric searches work so much better if you can remember the lyrics, right?

Within seconds he had produced the answer for me: Jesus Jones, Right Here Right Now, complete with a link to a lyric website that proved he was right.

I may never know how he did that. Regardless, all hail the otter.

(Oblig. Venture Bros Reference: "Jesus Jones! Now that was a band!")
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