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And THIS is why I love going to cons.

This was my first year off the staff roster of Midwest FurFest, also known simply as "MFF." I don't know where to start! The Friday Night Dressup? Poor lady_curmudgeon being sick for the entire weekend? Being able to roam from area to area at whim? Visiting for hours on end with arphalia and others? Meeting steelhelix? Buying awesome art? There's just too much to process. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as I planned, coming in at just a bit over 250 frames. As I skim through I've found a number of them disappointing in that no amount of post-processing is ever going to save them; such a pity that things worked out as they did. But I'm only now engaging in a more detailed processing of them all, so maybe I shouldn't give up hope! Regardless of quality I thought I would share a few images that have already made me grin tonight.

Toy Soldiers Recruit... the Undead?
Toy Soldiers Recruit... the Undead?
Beetlejuice made an appearance at con. I was out in my Toy Soldier uniform, so it was only fitting I try to recruit the Ghost with the Most to help spread the good word of Doctor Steel.
Toy Soldiers and Time Lords
Toy Soldiers and Time Lords
The tenth Doctor also made an appearance at con. Of course I had to get a few pictures with him. He looks dapper, I look... not so dapper.
Triple Threat
Triple Threat
Security (Datahawk on left, WyldeKyttin on the right) brackets the Artist Alley director (Genet) to become the ultimate triple threat!

Breakin' my back just to know your name
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