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Thursday was exciting in that "sorta good, sorta bad" way.

First we thought we had lost a cat when a screen door blew open. Then we found that the cat in question had never left and were relieved. Next we picked up prophetx from his hotel in Naperville, drove him back to Bolingbrook and stuffed him full of bd's Mongolian stir-fry and Sam Adams beer. We even managed to find time to call schloss_adler from the restaurant and abuse him with taunts of beer and... beer is enough, isn't it?

On the way back to the hotel we stopped at one of $EMPLOYER's remote office buildings and gave it a whirlwind tour when we found that my badge did, in fact, unlock the doors even at that late hour. Inside it was vaguely alien and oddly like being in the belly of a competitor, even though they are just a different branch of the same entity. The look of shock and horror that resided on the faces of ProphetX and Curmudgeon was amusing but I think I had a bit of a shocked expression as well. This place gave new meaning to the name "cube farm." I also have never seen so much Happy Bunny merchandise in one space.

Once ProphetX was dropped off the 'mudgeon and I made our way home so we could curl up in bed and listen to the wind blow outside the house. As the wind rises and the temperature drops it seems to me this is the time of year when somebody sharing warmth with you in bed is possibly the most reassuring thing in the world.

And those hollywood nights
PS: Today's lyrics are dedicated to Josh, who loathes them so
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