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Chores and shutterbuggery.

Saturday morning and early afternoon I did lawn chores. In fairly rapid order I managed to mow the lawns, feed the lawns, weed the lawns (Oh Round-Up, you are my friend) and seed the lawns. I also did a long-overdue cut back of all the rose bushes in preparation for winter. It's funny, really: I don't know the first thing about caring for rose bushes but I must be doing something right. How do I know? Because two of the three have been growing like something from an anime series, with limbs over 8 feet long. They were all over the front lawn and climbing up the windows to the eaves. Crazy! Next year maybe I'll be able to get a trellis installed for them to climb instead of using the windows as leverage.

I finished up my yard work and took a shower before settling in for a well-deserved Cold Beverage. At around 1530 lady_curmudgeon and I left for Dave & Busters, where we met up with captain18, spoothbrush, neuracnu, jdm314, rakko78 and other folk. We drank, we ate food, we played games, we ate dessert and I took about seven hundred and thirty-five pictures. Then Curmudgeon and I drove home, but not before making a stop by the Bolingbrook Freedom Fountain where I took four hundred more pictures.

I hear that some of you are asking for thumbnails from the galleries I linked to above. Well, your wish is my command...

and I'd be remiss if I didn't include a few photos from the fountain....

In total I shot more than 1200 frames yesterday. I'd like to thank gatcat and rainingmeat for their kind words about my first round of posted photographs. The two of you set a very high bar that I'm striving to meet while I (re-)learn from you both. I'd also like to thank all my friends yesterday for having the patience not to smack me for taking shots of any and everything around them.

Like an echo
Llike a photograph

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