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Thoughts from the 4th level....

Because I was out for training last week, I am on call this week.

At 1410 CST our link with Cable and Wireless, one of the ISPs that service our office, took a hit thanks to a line failure -- or so it seems. At 1540 CST our BGP table, which also took a hit thanks to the line failure, began to suck. Routing upstream of our location is not functioning properly for two of our class C networks, the ones that we just so happen to care about the Internet being able to reach (naturally). Cable & Wireless sucks at tech support, they suck at troubleshooting, and in general they are airheads of the highest caliber. I opened a ticket at 1603 CST. Somehow I doubt they'll get back to me in the next 15 minutes, meaning I will have to call them to annoy them and find out what is going on up there at their POP. I equally doubt they'll be able to fix this problem in anything approaching a timely manner, meaning I will not get much rest tonight.


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