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"I heard you were dead."

Well, maybe I'm not dead -- but I'm not resting, either.

Work has kept me busy, the house has kept me busy, the cats have kept me busy... and now I have a hobby again, just in time for winter. In case you hadn't heard via tugrik, during the last week of September I dropped just a little over $3k for a new digital SLR (a sexy Canon 40D), a couple different lenses, a camera backpack, a decent-sized memory card, additional batteries and various other accessories like a FireWire 800 Compact Flash reader.

Below are some of the early results as I become acquainted with my new kit, uploaded without the slightest retouching -- outside of being resized. I'm only sharing the highlights and I'm only sharing photographs of fuzzy critters because, well, they're cute and fuzzy. That means they are pleasantly distracting and that in turn makes you, my loving but merciless readers, less likely to complain about poor white balance or lousy composition.

Under Cover Under Cover
Jazz just gave away her position.

Camera Shy Camera Shy
Cailet isn't one for having her picture taken this early in the morning.

Always Good For A Grin Always Good For A Grin
Brianna is sometimes vacant, but she always has a smile.

Big Kitty Eyes Big Kitty Eyes
You wouldn't hurt little old me, would you?

I'm Gonna Get You I'm Gonna Get You
Marcus always gets what he wants.

There you have it. If my photographs have left you in pain, I profoundly apologize. Let me suggest that you go enjoy some of the works of one gatcat by clicking here. Trust me on this.

Everybody wants you.
Tags: life, money, photography, status

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