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Dead iPod earbuds

I managed to trash my iPod earbuds this afternoon. They felt out of my pocket and got caught in one of the castors on my chair, which proceeded to shred through the cladding/insulation and chew up the tiny little wires inside. I could try to repair them but I'm not going to spend an hour of my life trying to solder those ends together. I also have no desire to receive electrical shocks to my left ear lobe.

So now I need new earphones. Feh.

In other news I may have driven past the home of doomsey and nekosensei and not even known it. My coworkers and I had a craving and so went to an irish pub in their town. Because of the storms that have ravaged the area in the last few days most of the town's power was out (though the pub was open and serving cold sandwiches, hooray for corned beef!), which meant we took a lot of residential streets to avoid major intersections without traffic lights.
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