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Random thoughts from the peanut gallery

In no particular order...
  • I feel sorry for guys in the men's room who stand at the urinal and then proceed to undo their belt, button and zipper so they can drop trou to take a leak. I don't understand why it's necessary for you to have your waistband around your knees so I can see if you're a boxer or brief man. In either case it makes me feel sorry for you that you've never figured out the miracle of the zipper-by-itself.
  • Why does my Dell Latitude 5160 laptop have a warranty that's vastly superior in length to that of my Apple MacBook? The Dell came out of the box with a three year warranty and they've actually extended it to February 15th of 2008. My Apple came with a one year warranty and the option to purchase "AppleCare" to cover it for a longer period. I love my MacBook, I really do, but Apple has a lot of catching up to do as regards to wooing customers with warranties that don't suck.
  • The air conditioner for Z'ha'dum has learned a new trick: struggle 24x7 to maintain a temperature of 81 degrees in the house when the thermostat is set to 78 degrees. Since the A-coil isn't frozen and the condensing unit is running just fine (seemingly) I am of the opinion that I just need to add more R-22 ("Freon") to the system. Unfortunately for me, about 10 years ago it was determined by our good friends in the Legislature that consumers are simply too stupid to handle Freon, that Freon is detrimental to the environment and that only licensed individuals are qualified enough to hook a hose to a valve and recharge an air conditioning system. Even though it's been an absolutely lovely week since lady_curmudgeon and I got home (highs in the mid seventies -- I can leave the windows open and be more than comfortable), I guess I'll go for "peace of mind" and fork the money out to get an HVAC guy here to charge the system. $75 service charge just for them to show up? Sure, why not.
  • Transformers: The Movie is clearly in need of an answer from a competing franchise, so why not have Voltron: The Movie? Dammit, ottr, why do you make me sad?
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