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Trivial pursuits...

I have just concluded vacuuming the cat by spending twenty minutes cleaning the little washer-type devices that read which way the mouse is moving. Why did I indulge in this particular pastime, you may ask... Well, gentle reader, it's mostly because I got completely fed up with how the mouse was handling; no matter what direction I moved the mouse I got this weird vibration and "rasp-rasp-rasp" noise. I remembered this mouse being a lot smoother and better handling in the old days, so I tore it apart and promptly wished for tweezers and some rubbing alcohol. I ended up settling for my Pentel .5 mechanical pencil, using the tip to scrape the crud off. The end result is that the mouse handles properly again, and I was able to kill 20 minutes of boring time at work.

I wish Sun still made optical mice for their workstations. I've been spoiled by the one I have on my desktop at home.

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