Feren (feren) wrote,

T-minus 9 hours...

... and then I pick up the trailer from U-haul -- that is, I will pick it up if they haven't screwed me over by renting it to somebody else like they did the last time, when I danced this dance for duncandahusky. At eleven o'clock, our friends will show up (my friends H.K. & G.K. as well as roho and enveri). Once everyone has gathered the moving of lady_curmudgeon from Kenosha to Z'ha'dum commences in earnest despite having been ongoing for the last four months...

The 'mudgeon and I worked through most of today, though there was some downtime after a late lunch. The Expedition was loaded up to the roof and we drove down to Z'ha'dum. Once it was unloaded we drove back to Kenosha. We're down to a few boxes, some furniture and miscellaneous items. Once everyone gets here I think this is going to go pretty quickly. I just hope that the heat stays within something approaching "tolerable" while we work.

A man with a plan, a mechanical band
Tags: curmudgeon, moving, status, weekend

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