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No more pettings for sheddy kitty!

I was spending a bit of time lounging on the couch after a long day at the office, enjoying what downtime I have at home before I have to VPN into $EMPLOYER's network and start working the various overnight projects that are on my schedule for this evening (upgrades and the like). After my dinner of a Subway sandwich I was enjoying a nice cocktail, watching some television and giving ra_kitty lots of petting. This is where things went horribly, irreversibly wrong.

I took a sip from my gin and tonic and noticed that it had a flat, matted feeling to it. The taste was certainly not what it should be, either. I stuck out my tongue and stared at the contents of the glass. Surprise surprise, it seems that a tuft of Ra fur had been shed and broken free from the main mass of feline while I was petting him. I can only surmise that it floated about the room for a brief while... only to land in my drink.

So I might be treated ti the pleasure of drinking it.


[Edit @2044: Sheena says, "I made you a hairball ... but you eated it.]
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