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Blackteagan Sketch Commission and weekend status

Blackteagan Sketch Commission Blackteagan Sketch Commission
blackteagan held a sale on sketch commissions this weekend. I was lucky enough to be able to get in the queue, which surprised me given how late I was in tossing my hat into the ring. When asked what I wanted for the sketch I told them, "I'd really like you to just have fun and surprise me." Surprise me they did with this wonderful piece! I'm very enthused about it and can't wait for it to arrive -- and I hope it arrives, since once again I'm having it sent to the PO Box. The same PO Box, you might recall, that the postal service seemed incapable of delivering to the last time I had a commission mailed to me. Hopefully this time... will be different. The thumbnail will take you to a larger version.

In other news this has been a pretty productive weekend. I already alluded to the surprise that enveri and roho had in store for me on Saturday evening. Today I helped lady_curmudgeon and her brother finish cleaning out their parents estate. The property goes on the market Monday and her brother wanted to make sure the house was in its best shape for when the realtors and potential buyers walk through. I know this is all very hard for Curmudgeon.

After sweating and laboring at the estate I came back to the World's Smallest Flat to sweat and labor some more. I took down the kitchen table, the kitchen chairs, boxes of books (OMG no more books honey, seriously!) , boxes of other fragile things, a bag of clothes and some other odds and ends. I had no idea that my girlfriend owned a didgeridoo. I got everything that we'd wrapped and packed downstairs and into the Expy, which is pretty much full. I'd like to finish this weekend by wrapping and packing a load of dishes from her kitchen but I'm not sure I'm up to the task. I've downed one Diet Pepsi in under a minute to try and lower my core temperature and I'll probably slam another before I actually post this to LJ.

Still, we're looking pretty good and the end is well within sight.

Tags: art, commissions, status, weekend

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