Feren (feren) wrote,

Surprise buttse--- err, birthday!

lady_curmudgeon and I were invited to hang out at roho and enveri's house last night, ostensibly to celebrate the birthday of linnaeus with a few close friends, some grilled meat products and some booze. It turned out to be an ambush -- well, at least for me it was. Not only did Genet have a cake to celebrate Linnaeus's birthday... but half of it was to celebrate my upcoming anniversary as well. When the usual song was sung my lady naturally had to add her own festive verses to it. I figured I'd put those lyrics behind me when I hit puberty... ;)

Damn sneaky dames.

Alas, due to weather the grilling was not to be had. We enjoyed some delivered pizza with our booze instead and caroused into the night. It was a good way to spend a Saturday evening, and I'd like to thank everyone who was there for making it such a pleasant (and booze-filled) night.

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Tags: birthday, weekend

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