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..and that's when the C.H.U.D.s came at me.

I'm at gate C9 in La Guardia Airport and for the foreseeable future I'm not going anywhere. My flight, which was running late already, has been diverted from LGA to PIT. According to the overhead announcement the plane hasn't even touched down yet at PIT -- but once it has there will be some sort of an updated announcement. Apparently there is nothing landing at LGA right now. The official reason? The weather. Which is interesting to me because right now it's 81 degrees F with scattered clouds. A quick load of Weather Underground shows that things are just fine for miles around and the closest storm front (in Poughkeepsie) is moving North-northeast.

Hell, if I could get a photo uploaded from my Treo you'd see it's sunny everywhere you can see through the terminal windows. "The weather." That's so perfectly plausible, isn't it? Please, won't somebody save the airplanes from the sunny sky and scattered clouds?

[Edit @ 1849 EDT: My flight just cancelled.]
Tags: doomed, travel

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