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Glorious, glorious silence...

I walk in to the office this morning after being gone for a week, sit down at my desk and start reading my e-mail. I have voice mail on my phone, I can tell because the little red light is on and quite bright this morning (I commonly refer to my phone as being "broken" if that light isn't on, because it usually is) to indicate I have many messages waiting for me. I was staring at that light, musing on how much I've come to loathe certain pieces of technology when I noticed that one of my call appearance buttons was flashing (That would be "a line was ringing" to the non-telcom geeks in the audience). Staring at it in disbelief, I tried to understand why it was flashing to show an incoming call but the phone wasn't ringing.

That's when I remembered setting the phone to "do not disturb/send all calls to voicemail" before I left for last week's training. I did this to show some mercy to the people with cubes around me -- they get tired of the phone ringing and the Outlook mail notification going full-tilt boogie during the day if I'm not there.

So the dilemma that I am faced with today is: should I "accidentally" forget that one of the major sources of annoyance in my job is silenced, and leave it that way for the rest of the day?

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