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No news is good news?

It seems that I was quite exhausted by my New York adventure on Thursday night/Friday: I slept until noon yesterday. However, I woke up relatively refreshed and thus lady_curmudgeon and I were able to accomplish quite a lot around the World's Smallest Two Bedroom Flat. Boxes were loaded into my Expedition, bubble wrap was secured from Sam's Club and I even managed to find a few things at Blain's Farm & Fleet that I needed for Z'ha'dum. Last night Curmudgeon and I had dinner with brianblackberry and wolfbrotherjoe to unwind and pass the evening with some light conversation. We arrived at 2115 to find Brian and Joe already seated. I got my order in at 2122 and three minutes after that my work cell phone rang. Like the idiot I am I answered it and what ensued was a 13 minute conference call about unreachable domain controllers and a campus that had to cancel classes because nobody could log in. That situation meant I had to gobble down my meal (after getting off the phone to find my sandwich delivered and sitting next to a cold plate of soup) before cutting our conversation short and heading back home to get online and start diagnosing the problem. I'm not even the on-call engineer this week! The issue got escalated to me because neither the on-call engineer, the backup engineer nor my boss responded to earlier communication attempts from the folks working this issue. I worked until 0055 this morning (net result: ~3.24 hours of emergency work) to get things straightened out and, once I'd sent out my notice that I though I had the problem fixed, I collapsed into bed.

I've heard nothing back so far. Perhaps no news is good news[1] and everything is back to a functional state?

[1] The idea that no news is good news is proven to be complete and utter bunk with $EMPLOYER. I didn't get any notification that an entire campus had been offline for a whole day until 2125 Central time, which is supposedly 5 hours after the folks who called me were made aware of the problem.

You fat bastards need me and my brilliant mind
Tags: gruntle, weekend, work

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