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Well, that was unexpected. I'm in comics, by cameo...

I pulled up my friends list and was more than a little surprised to see this entry by the ever-wonderful chebutykin. What's surprising about a LiveJournal entry by Cheb? Nothing much, except that this is the time of year when she goes into hiding and works herself into (more) sleep deprivation in preparation for Convergence Con. So I'm especially honored that she took the time to hop online and leave an entry to notify me I had served as the inspiration for an installment of Dork Tower. How cool is that? And, offhandedly... am I really that angry?

Continuing the theme, today was also surprising because I had the opportunity to chatter on IM with Cheb. The exchange was quite amusing, especially when she found out that work has once again conspired (for the third or fourth year running) to keep me from attending CONvergence. Here's an excerpt.
Cheb: Are you sure you're not a battered housewife, and $EMPLOYER is the husband that we're all telling you to leave?
Feren: The parallel has been drawn...
Cheb: You know, if 1980's made-for-TV dramas are to be trusted, all it would take to escape would be a mattress, gasoline, and a cigarette. (viz: The Burning Bed)
Feren: Rubberband, toothpick, yarn! Cue the theme for McGuyver!
Cheb: Don't forget the chewing gum wrapper!
Feren: No, that's only if I need to make a nuclear pile.
Cheb: Are you sure you don't need a nuclear pile?
Feren: I work in a pile, though I'm not so sure it's nuclear.

I know y'all know
Tags: convergence, dork_tower, i_win, win, work

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